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Puppies were born at 04th of March.
2 males and 6 females.

International Champion, Hungarian Champion
Serbian Champion, Romanian Champion
Dragon Gols Maxximus

European Junior Winner, Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion, Luxembourg Junior Champion
Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame

Pedigree of puppies

Boys: Bravo Maxx and Batu Khan 6 weeks old

Batu Khan
6 weeks old male

DM - N/N - Free!
Owner - Jegorova Elena, Bulgaria

Bravo Maxx
6 weeks old male
Owner - Tibetzky András, Budapest.

Balaton Beauty
6 weeks old female
Owner - Menkó Zsuzsanna, England
6 weeks old female


6 weeks old

6 weeks old, female

6 weeks old female
Owner - Drozdova Svetlana, Berezniki, Russia
Two gold-sable girls Bavaria and Britannia.
6 weeks old female

Available for show/breeding home!

Our new litter collie puppies come from parents of a high show class.
Both parents are Hungarian Champions and besides that, the dam of puppies is European Junior Champion of 2016, the sire of puppies is the International Champion.
Pedigree of puppies is the result of strict line breeding for several generations and includes almost all the best and most titled producers and bitches from our line and lines of other leading kennels in Europe, England and Russia.
On the sire side puppies are the great-grandchildren of the brightest representative one of the breed, World Champion Nyitramenti Captain Blood. In addition, there is moderate inbreeding on him - III,V-VI,V. Besides that, the grandfather Captain Blood - famous English stud dog Mirpet Matt Bianco is numerous times in the pedigree through his three sons:
EuW Do It Again fulvo della Cambianella, DtCH Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar and IntCH Mirpet Red Baron.
The dam line is represented by a series of magnificent females: grandmother - IntCH Castle's Queen Coco Chanel, her mother is twice winner of club shows, HCH Nyitramenti X-tra Personage, her mother is IntCH, MultiCh New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny, her mother is CZCH Running Girly von Belvedere and finally, the ancestor of this galaxy of stars is Germany Club Winner Malouine's Spread Your Wings. This top quality bitch could adorn the show ring in any time of the history of rough collie breed.
Some puppies from this litter are available for collie lovers. Show and breeding homes are preferred.

Photos of puppies in the age of 8-9 weeks.

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