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Puppies sired by MultiCH Kőakói Old Cockie ex IntCH Joshren Noreen Gloidh

Nyitramenti Barley Wine
dog, 7 weeks old
Owner: Stefoni Monica Daniela, Deva, Romania
Nyitramenti Beautiful Stranger
dog, 7 weeks old
Owner: Lillemai Helena, Tallinn, Estonia
Nyitramenti Berengar
dog, 7 weeks old
Owner: Britnev Igor, Moscow, Russia
Nyitramenti Brother Loie
dog, 7 weeks old
Owner: MVDr Stanislava Zubricka, Nitra, Slovakia
Brother Loie
Nyitramenti Baroness in Red
female, 7 weeks old
Owner: Rotgang Andreas, Illerieden, Germany

Pedigree of puppies

Information about parents and photos of puppies in the age of 4 weeks.

New photos of Nyitramenti Berengar see on his personal page.

New photos of Nyitramenti Brother Loie see on his personal page.

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