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Puppies sired by MultiCH Kőakói Old Cockie ex EurCH Nyitramenti Leitmotive

Nyitramenti Accolade
dog, 9 weeks old
This puppy stays in Kőakói kennel, Hungary
Nyitramenti Azimuth
dog, 8 weeks old
Owner - Zólyomi Judit, Romania
Nyitramenti Attractive Power
dog, 9 weeks old
Nyitramenti Advent
dog, 9 weeks old

We are looking for loved homes for two lovely collie boys -
Attractive Power and Advent.
Attractive Power has very nice head with ideal shaped eyes, high set ears. His body construction will be alike our well-known champion, European Winner Nyitramenti Perpetual Mobile. His has absolutely perfect temperament, - playful, bold, happy.
Advent has extra strong bones and super coat. His head is very masculine with strong and well rounded muzzle, nice stop and very good form of skull. Eyes are very dark, ideal almond shaped. In this time his ears go up. He has quiet, friendly temperament.

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Photos of puppies in the age of 6 weeks.

Information about parents and photos of puppies in the age of 4 weeks.

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