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Puppies were born at 30th of October.
4 males and 2 females.

Hungarian, Slovakian Youth Champion
Slovakian Youth Club Winner
Castle's Queen Bruno Banani

Youth Champion of Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, Croatian Youth Club Winner
Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow

Pedigree of puppies

Puppies 2 days old. :)
Puppy boy Nyitramenti Irish Step eats heartily. :)

From the left - puppy boy Nyitramenti Irish Step,
from the right - puppy girl Nyitramenti Ikebana
female 2 days old
Another puppy girl -Nyitramenti Indian Summer
2 days old
Nyitramenti Illusionist
male 2 days old
Puppies in the age of 2 weeks.
Illusionist and Indian Summer
2 weeks old.
Sweet dreams. :)
male 2 weeks old
On the top - Nyitramenti Irish Step.
He has beautiful sable color with huge white collar.
Puppies in the age of 17 days. :)
Invisble Man and Indian Summer
Nyitramenti Inch Kenneth
male 17 days old
Nyitramenti Invisble Man
male 17 days old

Photos of puppies in the age of 3 weeks.

Photos of puppies in the age of 5 weeks.

Photos of puppies in the age of 4-5 months.

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